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Whatever you’re making, fixing or building, quipt keeps your tools within reach. Choose from 3 project sizes.

Tray & Clamp Starter

Large Kit

Designed to accommodate tools and materials that need some space, such as screwdrivers, wrenches and X-acto knives.

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Tray & Clamp Starter

Medium Kit

Not too big, not too small - our most versatile size can hold a variety of items for every project type.

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Tray & Clamp Starter

Small Kit

Great for keeping track of small items such as bolts, buttons and model parts.

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quipt holds things.

Little, easy-to-lose things. Big, where-to-put-it things. Roll away things. quipt keeps the things you need, right where you need them.

Simple, intuitive design.

Each quipt system includes one clamp and one tray. Add trays to organize materials by size. Add clamps to leave in multiple spaces.

Made for every maker.

Having the right tools, right where you need them, frees your hands and mind to create. The quipt system lets you combine different clamps and trays to fit your project’s needs.

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